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I climbed my university along my person means of livilihood, one swarm is inside that the youth like me, just entered the school the energy that we have a lot of and very few money, a lot of idea and very few experience. We drink a lot of beer on roof, the flower plays 54 pieces of scrips all night, hit to schoolgirl dormitory harass a telephone call, sing in the toilet rock and roll. . . . . . We disdain to do anything, it is anything disdains to let us do in fact, we are a flock of blamed seem very happy actually sometimes sad also. We got online later, then the BBS of the school becomes very confused. I met her at this moment, she says she is quite beautiful, I say I am a handsome young man; She says she is brunt of the team that fasten a platoon, I say I am team leader of school football team; She says she often gets dance on school ball, very scene, the vicious-a person of wicked ambition that I say to my constant is riding me goes violent wind car, very awe-inspiring. . . . . . She says we meet later, so Liao Ting is tired, I think come to an agreement or understanding, the lawn that the vicious-a person of wicked ambition that I can drive me is at the back of the library is classy you. I am wearing that dusk what the coat of my pa is riding my Mom is broken 26 cars are on lawn revolve, what the setting sun mirrors clean empty on my body is flaxen, see one is held out next beautiful the girl that wears white to grow skirt walk over. There is my person only on lawn. She is very interrogative the ground sees me ask, do you have the person that did not see one grows so that driving motor racing car like Bei Kehan Mu? The possibility that I say to did not see nevertheless you are described is me, I am waiting for a netizen, be you? She is very disappointed staring at me adjacent and acedialy to just say a long time, you cheat me, I say can be true. I say to I am sorry, I do not want to deceive people really, my monicker makes a handsome young man, in fact our dormitory the monicker of all schoolboys calls that building the handsome young man its more is the interest that including a kind of drive; I am school group team leader really, it is cheering squad nevertheless; I name to my bicycle because it is quite sodden,call vicious-a person of wicked ambition, car of the violent wind before often also attending class is not for stimulation nevertheless should be late however. . . . . . The explains her look that listened to me did not improve, in the mouth however mumble, I think she wants to scold me to say with respect to very cordial ground very much certainly, you want to go, OK perhaps and a bit more creditable oneself get notify sb of a phone call noisy next desert, I do not blame you and such me also too won't compunctious. She laughs laugh say that is unapt, since will look for the place with a bit better environment,chat, I say must not loath, she says a bit not, also do not have a thing anyway, I think of around have an outdoor water, she says that goes. Water all round greenery surrounds, very GRACEFUL, better is the person that do not have what. I sit down feeling pleasedly to just do not detect a little while incorrect, original water by built a toilet, that flavour very full-bodied, pardonable do not have a client. We drink water beside the toilet of that modelling of primitive simplicity, the people that come and go is toting pants waist band is beside. She hates hate ground to say, this is the good place that you choose. I laugh awkwardly, actually pretty good also, the toilet goes to the lavatory on. . . . . . She bites a lip to cannot help saying eventually: “ I feel. . . . . . You are Nike air Max 2014 really blamed. ”   spoke my essence eventually, thing become Anacreontic, ground of my as if relieved of a heavy load says: “ is ah be, no matter he does what thing,is a kind of person on the world or whats are done very blamed, people looks at him to do not have cause ground to feel abominable, must mix outstandingly bad very much of high degree of professional proficiency became a great man, remain build partly child became blamed, for instance I. . . . . . Is ”   ? She is laughing serpentinely to say, I want to see you have many blamed. “ may need long-term observation then. ”   “ is breathed out, you can hold out ghost, good, I am about to observe for a long time. I did not think of ”   to often can meet with her unexpectedly, although cannot decide to whether there is what to plot inside this, I think or should give her acknowledgment, give a gift for instance, think of to be able to send a pair of goldfish next. When sending her crock of a goldfish when me, she says very surprizingly: “ is really beautiful, how to think of this to send me? Because ”   “ is very cheap, want 10 only unexpectedly. ”(Sentimental article) [she sees Page_break] my one eye laugh laughs say: “ is blamed as expected. . . . . . Ah, why this fish is turning over abdomen, died quickly? ” she is fiddling with aquatic, cry suddenly. “ is fish of a backstroke then, swim so namely. Is ”   “ ? Backstroke fish? Ground of ” her curiosity is staring at a fish to say, “ it but quite ugly, curious and eccentric, abdomen is air max chaussure very big, gluttonous. . . . . . Be inferior to calling it ‘ blamed ’ , how? She is opposite ” it seems that this decision is very satisfactory, complacent arrive to say to me. “ is good. . . . . . , I say ” , “ that pretty name that makes you? ”   “ . . . . . . She is laughing at ” not to reply. “ blamed ” is bored to death in aquarium swimming, it is very ugly did not let a person look however, it is very gluttonous, also did not ask to be being raised however, it is called so innocently “ blamed ” . Because of that pair of goldfish, because she wants to know me,still have many blamed, we were together often, I feel we are about even love, the lotus pool that she calls me to go to the school again discusses about why I am a blamed problem. That pond is a good place, ghost knows what we can discuss over. When I arrive over there, she is wearing that white to grow skirt to look at the lotus in water absorbedly, skirt places small small flap, long hair naturally waves fall down, the face has carry on one's shoulder like bud small red, she resembles the beauty like lotus really. I look slow-wittedly, feel oneself are wishful thinking really next, how is she met settle on I? The mood is a little low. At this moment she saw me, brandish waves say, you are waited a moment, I go there take the book, disappear in a grove side the pool next. I lose is worn, hear the plop that shriek and thing fall into water suddenly, my reaction fell into water to her in, the dress also is considered must not take off plunge into into pond. . . . . . Hear a scream again next, transmit from the bank however. Made a mistake. Her open-eyed eye climbed my prep against, resemble the chicken that bubble crosses, feeling very dry ration. “ wants early to know this pond has many after all deep, I wipe ” the ground says grinning of a face. It is good that she is staring at me a little while, the saying of eye Li Liangliang, “ you think I am fallen into, be? I do not think ”   to go out what to say, be forced hey hey laugh. Does “ know water has many that now deep? ”   “ . . . . . . Estimation is under me your above, ”   I endured one fist with respect to firm firm ground, very ache. Because I am blamed, should be hit so. The day in those days resembles wind to fall to be crossed lightly from quiet sky euqally. As if we are in those who lead to ahead is itinerary on without Nike Free Run 2 3 can hold back. Without difficulty cannot by green force crumb, won't be in without sadness make the history in the morning the following day, we are our heroes, can eat whacker a sky. . . . . . She always loves to see tiny spot, because she says them,account is worn her desire, so her desire is a lot of more certain. I think “ . . . . . . In the take up one's quarters on Tibetan llano, can see very tall snow mountain everyday, very green earth. . . . . . She is looking up at ” that the brightest tiny spot says. Be, since want to be able to go then certainly, why not? We can understand actually the sky has many after all distant, and the vast power that how many there is to be able to destroy everything easily again inside that, so we actually very flimsy, can do, probably very finite also. Next in the night of a spring, building of that is built at 19 centuries allegedly dormitory of cultural relic class that she stays in lighted conflagration, burn very wildly, she is originally early escaped, fold again however return take a thing, also did not come out again then. Clear when the spot, there is a broke gold aquarium by her allegedly, that abdominous backstroke fish that had scorched is inside. . . . . . She likes that “ blamed ” unexpectedly, the price that so she pays is life. (Sentimental article)






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